Community Alternatives Program for Children (CAP/C)

CAP/C Stakeholder Feedback

Please visit the CAP/C 1915(c) Waiver web page for opportunities to share feedback with Division of Medical Assistance staff through one-on-one meetings, listening sessions and CAP/C work group sessions.

CAP/C Stakeholder Engagement Plan

In order for DHHS to fully engage stakeholders as we develop a plan to address concerns with the CAP/C waiver, we will establish a working group that will consist of families, providers and other advocates to assist in the structure of our path forward. Our goal is to have the membership of the work group identified later this month with the first meeting scheduled within the first two weeks of July. There will be a limit to the size of the work group, but all meetings will be open to the public.

The Division of Medical Assistance plans to hold four to five listening sessions across North Carolina for families to engage with our staff regarding their specific concerns. We plan to post meeting dates by the end of June for sessions to be conducted in July, August and September.

Additionally, we will establish a specific time period during July and August for families and concerned individuals to meet one-on-one with DMA staff in order to privately address concerns in a different setting.

During this process, we will establish a regular communication strategy that will allow interested citizens to be engaged in the process through electronic communication. While our communication plan is being developed, interested citizens can check the website for updates. 

Fee Schedules

Clinical Coverage Policy 3K-1, Community Alternatives Program for Children

CAP/C Waiver Documents

CAP/C Brochure - English or En Espanol

CAP/C Parent Handbook

Provider Manual for CAP/C Case Managers

Cover Page, About this Manual, and Table of Contents

Section 1. CAP/C Concepts and Principles 

Section 2. CAP/C General Information 

Section 3. CAP/C Services and Supplies 

Section 4. Initiating CAP/C

Section 5. Continuing CAP/C 

Section 6. Stopping or Reducing Services 

Section 7. Due Process 

Section 8. Quality Assurance 


Pediatric Training Presentation

Module 1: Physical Development

Module 2: Psychosocial Development 

Module 3: Disorders Commonly Seen in CAP/C Children 

Module 4: Working with CAP/C Families and with DMA 

Normal Pediatric Developmental Milestones 

Certification of Completion 

Case Manager Information

CAP/C Critical Incident Report (DMA-3201)

CAP/C FL-2 Discrepancy Resolution Form 

CAP/C Participation Discontinuation Notice

CAP/C Participation Notice (DMA-3057)

CAP/C Physician's Form (DMA-3063)

CAP/C Referral Form (DMA-3163)

CAP/C Service Authorization Discontinuation Notice

Verification of Employment for CAP/C


CAP/C Case Management Providers and DMA Consultants by Agency

CAP/C Case Management Providers and DMA Consultants by County

Medical Assistance Clinical Section
Phone: 919-855-4340
Fax: 919-715-0052

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