Money Follows the Person

Money Follows the Person (MFP) is a state project that assists Medicaid-eligible North Carolinians who live in inpatient facilities to move into their own homes and communities with supports.

DMA was awarded its MFP grant from CMS in May 2007 and began supporting individuals to transition in 2009. Under the Affordable Care Act, MFP was extended through 2020.

MFP Objectives

  • Increase the use of home- and community-based services (HCBS)
  • Eliminate barriers that prevent or restrict Medicaid-eligible individuals from receiving long-term care in the settings of their choice
  • Ensure continued provision of HCBS to those individuals who choose to transition from institutions
  • Provide quality assurance and continuous quality improvement of HCBSwith supports.

MFP Benefits

  • Participants receive supports through Medicaid’s Community Alternatives Program (CAP) waiver program, Innovations or PACE.
  • Financial assistance to purchase items and services needed to transition. These include:
    • security deposits
    • utility startup expenses
    • furniture
    • accessibility modifications
    • one-time items and services that may be required to transition


Participants must:

  • Have lived in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or an intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID) for at least three months
  • Meet the CAP, Innovations PACE eligibility requirements
  • Be receiving Medicaid services before the transition
  • Choose to move to a qualified residence:
    • Participant’s own home or apartment
    • Participant’s family’s home
    • Group home with four or fewer people (only available in NC under CAP MR/DD)

MFP is not active in every part of the state and certain restrictions apply to the three-month timeframe and what constitutes a qualified residence.

How to Apply

Money Follows the Person Application

Fax the application and Informed Consent form.

Fax: 919-715-4159

Data Coordinator
Phone: 919-855-4394

Official MFP Information Sheet

MFP Transition Process Overview

Transition Materials

Transition Coordination Tools

Project Guidelines and Grant Details

Additional Payment Request Forms for CAP/DA Lead Agencies

MFP Startup Funds (TYSR/SCCB) Request Forms



Transition Learning Series

Webinars take place the second Monday of each month from noon to 1:30 pm.


Medical Assistance Clinical Section
Lakeisha Laporte
Phone: 919-855-4265 or 855-761-9030

Join the MFP Roundtable or become an MFP volunteer

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