Health Department Services

Health departments follow the same Medicaid policies as other health care providers, and meet NC General Assembly mandate (section 130A, NCGA General Statutes) that ensures all North Carolina citizens have access to essential health services. These services are fundamental to promoting and contributing to the highest level of health possible.

Medicaid customers are entitled to receive services provided at a local health department, including:

  • Child health
  • Personal health
  • Chronic disease control
  • Communicable disease control
  • Family planning
  • Maternal health
  • Dental health

Clinical Coverage Policies 1D-1, Refugee Health Assessments Provided in Health Departments

Clinical Coverage Policies 1D-2, Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment Provided in Health Departments

Clinical Coverage Policies 1D-3, Tuberculosis Control and Treatment Provided in Health Departments


Medical Assistance Clinical Section
Phone: 919-855-4260
Fax: 919-733-2796

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