Annual Reports and Tables

Medicaid and NC Health Choice Annual Reports

Medicaid and NC Health Choice Annual Reports provide an overview of the financial results of the top categories of service; program and section accomplishments and challenges; and a look ahead to the next state fiscal year.

SFY 2016

SFY 2015

Archived Annual Reports - 1979-2008

Medicaid Annual Report Tables

Medicaid Annual Report Tables provide additional detail per state fiscal year.

SFY 2016 Medicaid Annual Report Tables

  • Table 3: Enrolled National Medicaid Providers (unduplicated NPI count by type and NPI count with multiple taxonomy codes) - SFY 2016
  • Table 4: Sources of North Carolina Medicaid Funds - SFY 2010-2016
  • Table 5: Program and Administrative Expenditure History - SFY 2008-2016
  • Table 6: Annual Unduplicated Eligibility - SFY 1979-2016
  • Table 7: Eligibles and Program Payments for which the County is Responsible for Its Computable Share
  • Table 8: Expenditures by Type of Service - SFY 2016
  • Table 9: Service Expenditures by Recipient Group - SFY 2016
  • Table 10: Service Expenditures for Selected Major Medical Services by Program Category - SFY 2016
  • Table 11: Service Expenditures for the Elderly - SFY 2016
  • Table 12: Service Expenditures for the Disabled & Blind - SFY 2016
  • Table 13: Service Expenditures for Families and Children - SFY 2016

Archived Annual Report Tables: SFY 2010-2015


Annual Report Tables Dashboard

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NC Medicaid and Health Choice Annual Report Tables dashboards provide an interactive overview of financial results by counties, programs, and services for different state fiscal years.

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