Community Alternatives Program (CAP)

CAP/C Stakeholder Engagement Plan

In order for DHHS to fully engage stakeholders as we develop a plan to address concerns with the CAP/C waiver, we have established a working group that consists of families, providers and other advocates to assist in the structure of our path forward. The working group held six meetings from July through September and assisted DMA in establishing a draft CAP/C to present to the Centeres of Medicare & Medicaid Services. 

The Division of Medical Assistance also held six listening sessions across North Carolina for families to engage with our staff regarding their specific concerns.

Additionally, we established a specific time period during July and August for families and concerned individuals to meet one-on-one with DMA staff in order to privately address concerns in a different setting. As of now, a CAP/C proposal is being drafted and will be posted for public comment soon.


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