Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) refers to the following categories of equipment and related supplies for use in a beneficiary’s home:

  • Inexpensive or routinely purchased items
  • Capped rental/purchased equipment
  • Equipment requiring frequent and substantial servicing
  • Oxygen and oxygen equipment
  • Related medical supplies
  • Service and repair
  • Other individually priced items
  • Enteral nutrition equipment

DMA has designated Roche Diagnostics Corporation Diabetes Care as the preferred manufacturer for glucose meters, test strips, control solutions, lancets and lancing devices. diabetic supply questions to ACCU-CHEK Customer Care at 877-906-8969.

Fee Schedules

Clinical Coverage Policy 5A, Durable Medical Equipment


Oral Nutrition Product Request Form

Request for Prior Approval CMN/PA (under Prior Approval Requests)

Request for Prior Approval CMN/PA-Continuation Form (under Prior Approval Attachments)


ACCU-CHECK Customer Care (diabetic supply question)
Phone: 877-906-8969

Medical Assistance Clinical Section
Phone: 919-855-4310
Fax: 919-715-9451
Email: john.vitiello@dhhs.nc.gov